Rob Press

SLACK Incorporated

Jeff is an extremely talented journalist and writer, but his most impressive trait is the breadth of his abilities. In addition to his capacity as a writer, he is well versed in the production and management of online and video content. Beyond even that, he is adaptable and can respond quickly when tasked with something new or outside of his wheelhouse. I'd gladly work with him again.


Maria Zankey

The Temple News

Jeff is an incredibly reliable and hard-working reporter. It's clear that he cares not only about telling a good story, but about doing so with integrity. Jeff puts equal weight into both the reporting and writing aspects of his assignments--doing each with great effort and care--which is certainly the recipe for an amazing story. I'd love to work with him again.


Melissa Foster

Haymarket Media

Jeff is a gifted writer who produces excellent copy under tight deadlines and has the impressive ability to write across a broad spectrum of complex topics. Not only are his articles accurate, engaging and well-researched, his work is always clean and easy to edit. Additionally, Jeff has a deep understanding of social media, SEO best practices and modern communication that enables him to craft high-quality online content. Best of all, though, he is accommodating, independent and can run with a story without any handholding. He's a pleasure to work with.

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