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You know your latest project is going to turn out amazing—if you find the right writer.

It's tough to find the right freelance writer for your business. As an editor or a small business owner, you have a story that needs to be told. Yesterday.

And whether that's the story of your how you help your patients, or a feature piece on a big topic in medicine everyone's talking about, it's something that requires a really specific skillset.

You've tried to hire writers before. You know there are good ones out there! But one of these things has probably happened to you before when hiring medical writers:

  • You posted about your project to a job board and got inundated with messages from applicants who can get you 1,000 words for $50 (and you still have no idea whether they are qualified to handle the project or not)
  • You brought someone on you thought was going to get the job done—only for them to stumble at some point in the process (because they didn't begin with the end in mind)
  • You've hired a writer who fundamentally misunderstood what your project was about, and now it's way too late to fix the problem (since they didn't ask the right questions at the outset)
  • You've hired a medical professional who understands the material but hasn't learned to tell a compelling story (because they don't teach you how to be a writer in medical school)
  • You've hired a writer who can tell a good story but doesn't know a tibia from a tumor (because they don't teach you how to be a doctor in journalism school)

An ideal fit for your project would be someone who understands the medicine and is also a great communicator. But how can you find someone with that skillset?

My name is Jeff Craven. Over the past 8 years, I've helped medical publishers, news sites, and business owners create outstanding print and web content for their audiences.

What I am: A medical journalist and right-hand man for medical publication companies, hospital systems, and private medical practices with experience writing in over two dozen medical specialties.

What I'm not: An editor, or a grant/CME/regulatory proposal writer.

What I can be: The answer to the content problem that's been plaguing your business for way too long.


Green light. Now accepting new projects for November.

Do you want to talk about your latest project? Get in touch with me and let's discuss how we can work together.